Third-party questionnaire assistance

Building a questionnaire strategy that aligns with your business goals

Organizations that act in a vendor capacity are often tasked with completing questionnaires regarding their security and compliance status. Responding to these questionnaires thoroughly can eat up time and resources, while responding to them haphazardly can risk relationships with clients. It is important for you to have a strategy for addressing these surveys so that you preserve client relationships and conserve your resources.

RSM can help you understand the intent of these questionnaires by acting as a liaison between you and your client. We then help you standardize a process by coordinating appropriate company resources and streamlining your efforts.

Whether you receive questionnaires on a consistent basis or whether you receive just a few, RSM can help you craft a consistent, repeatable strategy for responding. By maintaining communication with your client, RSM helps determine the purpose and scope of the questionnaires to avoid wasted efforts. We can then help you understand your own security controls and answer the questions accordingly.

Responding to third-party security and compliance questionnaires can be a cumbersome task. A lack of consistency with this process can mean your company is wasting time and money and misrepresenting the organization’s security posture. In any situation, RSM helps your organization craft a strategy that will best satisfy client expectations and meet organizational objectives.