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Celebrate World Password Day by making your password stronger


Have you ever used 123456 or password for your password to an online account? If you have, you’re not alone. Today is World Password Day, a day created to raise awareness about the critical need for strong passwords. Read the below tips to learn how you can keep your educational institution safe from hackers by creating a strong password or passphrase.

Password do’s

  • Use a passphrase
    • I cook tofu in the microwave
    • RunningScissorsHammer
  • Be unique, use uncommon words
    • Get to Waikiki Beach
    • Bedlington Terrier named Skip 
  • Use complex substitutions 
    • jelly22fi$h
  • Use a password vault app on your mobile device
  • Memorize

Password don’ts

  • Use password increments
    • Fakepassword2016 … Fakepassword2017
  • Write it down    
    • Text and word documents count
  • Share with anyone
  • Save it in the notes section of your phone

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