Cybersecurity and Data Privacy for Middle Market Businesses

Driving a strategic approach to security, privacy and compliance

As cybersecurity continues to affect the bottom line, the need to continually assess and improve your security program is paramount. Working with RSM allows you to reduce risks while still realizing the efficiencies of your security program. Whether you have a mature security program, are looking to better understand the impacts of regulation, or have experienced a breach, RSM works with you throughout the process to ensure that you can focus on growing your business.

To compound an already complex cyber landscape, companies now are facing liability for significant penalties even when no data breach occurs due to new compliance requirements dictating how sensitive data can be stored and used. With evolving data privacy regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), organizations must be aware of how they are handling their customer's personal data, including customer permission to even possess the data, and the different regulations they are required to comply with.

Identifying your risks

RSM’s risk consultants combine industry and technical experience to tailor our approach to your unique business. This allows us to identify your highest risks and help plan for protection and compliance, both now and in the long term. We work with you to:

  • Assess physical, cyber and personnel vulnerabilities from various attack scenarios
  • Design, implement and manage your enterprise security program
  • Develop a program to proactively comply with evolving data privacy regulations
  • Use digital forensics for swift attention to security breaches or civil/criminal litigation issues
  • Build a compliance program that aligns to various regulations such as GDPR, PCI, NIST, HIPAA and HITRUST.
  • Develop an agile governance structure across all facets of security that aligns with your business strategy
  • Build a culture and awareness around key cybersecurity considerations

With guidance from RSM’s security, compliance and privacy risk consultants, you can drive your business forward with confidence, knowing your most important assets are protected.

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The cost of a data breach: 2021 NetDiligence® Cyber Claims Study

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