Project, Program and Change Management

Let us help you achieve project and program success and harness the power of change.

Regardless of the importance to the enterprise or the size of the investment, many complex projects never achieve their intended objectives or measures of success. Potential project pitfalls are numerous, but the key ingredient for success is effective project management.

RSM offers a customized approach to help you evolve your change management capabilities and align projects to the organization’s overall vision, mission, priorities, goals and culture. We work with you to focus on critical success factors, such as:

  • Developing a shared vision, strategy and compelling business case to justify the need for change
  • Aligning and engaging leaders to build support for changes
  • Preparing and mobilizing stakeholders to gain support and buy-in
  • Creating and supporting project teams to deliver the changes successfully
  • Aligning skills and competencies so that employees are empowered to perform well
  • Adapting performance management processes and measurements to enable change
  • Addressing behavioral and cultural gaps that may arise from a shift in performance expectations and how employees work

When everyone is engaged and aligned and the right stakeholders have bought in, disruption to the organization is minimized and the likelihood of success is drastically increased.

In today’s lean environment, many organizations lack the skilled resources necessary to manage large, complex projects. RSM regularly assists middle market businesses that are experiencing challenges related to projects that have become unwieldy or difficult to manage. In addition, companies often seek assistance with change management to ensure that their employees are engaged, trained and ready to be project or program champions, contributing to organizational goals with new and better ways of doing business.

We have successfully helped organizations mobilize their projects, programs and portfolios to consistently deliver value-added results. Our team of industry-focused consultants understands the unique challenges you face in executing projects successfully and managing change. With this in mind, we offer a customized, flexible approach that’s based on an objective assessment of your needs.

A customized approach to meet your needs

RSM understands that complex projects usually involve substantial risk. We offer a customized approach to help you advance your project, program, and change management capabilities and capacity, so you can address and implement more comprehensive and complicated changes.

We also understand that time is money, and project and program delays can impact your core business, often requiring rework to address quality issues that can have a substantial financial impact.

Our approach is customized based on your needs. We can work with you to assess individual projects or programs. Alternatively, we can help you streamline practices to enhance the execution of projects, programs or portfolios based on our deep project management and performance improvement experience, as well as proven practices derived from achieving success with other organizations. We can provide coaching, mentoring and project resources to help you turn around troubled projects and manage challenges to achieve success. All of our project, program and change management services are delivered on time, on budget and within scope—while meeting or exceeding your quality expectations.

At RSM, we bring you a flexible approach that aligns our capabilities and experience with your business strategy and objectives to target opportunities for improvement, resulting in a better and stronger business. Working collaboratively with your team, we deliver value at every stage and in each area where you need our help.

Let us help you achieve project and program success and harness the power of change

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