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Deals are scarce and valuations are increasing, so businesses must be more judicious about the deals they seek and conduct. Middle market companies can struggle to manage the priorities of growing the business, making it more difficult for buyers to implement a successful transaction strategy while avoiding delays. It pays to perform effective operations due diligence and plan integrations and carve-outs properly to optimize deal value and mitigate risk.

RSM’s merger and acquisitions (M&A) management consulting practice takes an integrated approach to optimizing M&A. We combine our experience in key functional areas with an understanding of your overall operations and business needs in order to help solve your complex business issues.

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Mergers and Acquisitions Featured Ideas and Insights:

Key components of operations diligence, planning and post-close execution

An organization must have several key elements in place to maximize portfolio value. Some key questions companies should consider when contemplating transactions include:

  • Supply chain - Do we have high-performance supply chain processes that drive service, define the customer experience and enable the business to manage costs better?
  • Finance operations - Is finance a strategic enabler for achieving business goals or just a back-office recording and reporting function?  
  • Human resources - Are our processes designed to attract, engage, manage and retain talent, across the generational landscape, while remaining compliant in the changing landscape of regulatory and industry standards?
  • Technology - Do we have effective applications and infrastructure to facilitate daily operations and revenue generation to enhance the investment thesis?
  • Cyber risk and operational risk - Do we have an effective control environment that protects our investment, reducing the likelihood of a data breach, enhancing incident detection and response, and accelerating recovery efforts to limit damage?

Implementing a comprehensive and effective transaction strategy

At RSM, we understand your transaction challenges, and we can increase the value of your potential deals. Our experienced team can help you maximize portfolio value throughout the deal process, from initial strategy to long-term integration execution.

Synergy assessment and due diligence

Our experienced consultants implement a proven due diligence framework, helping you define the actions you will—and more importantly won’t—take. This value creation framework allows your organization to analyze and prioritize diligence efforts to understand what truly drives value in a target or newly acquired business. In addition to financial due diligence, the framework enables enhanced operational due diligence, outlining key front- and back-office areas to strengthen business value, including marketing, sales, supply chain, human resources, finance operations, operational risk and compliance, information technology (IT) and cyberrisk.

Our team is also experienced with conducting comprehensive synergy assessments and scenario planning, determining where business processes, people and systems should align during an acquisition and where gaps may exist. Through this enhanced insight, you can make more thoughtful decisions, and consciously address relevant areas of the business operations to maintain your value strategy and exit timeline.   

M&A planning and implementation

Organizations routinely underestimate the effort necessary to successfully merge two companies, and don’t spend enough time planning the integration. We help you initiate planning before the deal is completed, considering pre- and post-acquisition requirements to realize the full value of the new company. The planning and implementation services we provide include:

  • Day one and business continuity planning and execution to confirm strategy and objectives, determining risk mitigation and initial requirements, enabling an effective and successful day one close

  • Quick win and 100-day planning and execution to identify and realize short-term integration goals while mitigating risks during implementation of quick wins

  • Long-term integration planning and execution to develop and implement a road map that captures the full synergies and projected value

  • Integration Management Office (IMO) setup and execute to enable strong executive buy-in, governance, milestones, risks and issues, interdependencies, master work plan, a communications plan and change management

  • Interim leadership in critical supply chain, technology and finance positions or roles as required

Beyond the integration planning and management, RSM’s deep process and industry knowledge and world-class technology delivery capabilities can be seamlessly leveraged to execute on many of your most critical integration work streams.

Carve-out services

RSM’s carve-out approach has a strong focus on your finance operations, human resources and technology organizational needs in addition to the migration and build of core facilities, applications and infrastructure. Our methodology begins with the due diligence process and a rough order of magnitude (ROM) sizing on one-time and ongoing costs to support deal economics.

The approach concludes with an operating environment capable of supporting your business post termination of the transition services agreement (TSA). To enable further continuity, we can also continue supporting the new combined entity with outsourced finance, accounting and managed IT services.

Our transition management office (TMO) approach coordinates the many dependencies required to end reliance on the TSA and enable your investment thesis. We also provide transitional management assistance, with interim chief information officer, chief financial officer and chief procurement officer capabilities and supporting staff roles as required.


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