Assessment and Strategy

Nearly every business challenge—from missed deadlines to rising costs—represents an opportunity for improvement. However, time or resource constraints often prevent leaders from addressing all of the obstacles to success. That’s why it’s important to work with a trusted advisor who understands your business and industry, and can help you achieve your objectives.

RSM US LLP’s management consulting professionals bring deep industry-specific experience to help middle market businesses enhance operations and address critical issues across the organization. We help optimize people, processes and technology through innovative strategies, driving improved performance in key areas such as finance and accounting, technology and digital, operations and supply chain management.

Rapid Assessment®

RSM’s Rapid Assessment is designed as a "quick hit" diagnostic evaluation to provide you with:

  • An analysis of performance relative to your industry
  • Benchmarking and performance goals
  • Actionable and sustainable quick-win opportunities
  • Longer-term planning for performance enhancements
  • A road map for improvement, including capital and human resource requirements

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Why choose RSM

Your RSM team will uncover root cause issues to develop a go-forward approach that aligns with your vision and strategy. You'll receive an individual assessment tailored to your specific needs—whether you want a holistic review of your entire organization or a deeper analysis of a specific functional area or cross-functional process.

We've helped countless organizations like yours improve operations and optimize their people, process and technology to support growth. To learn more about the specific components of this service, watch this short video and view our Rapid Assessment approach and deliverables.

Comprehensive services to optimize your business processes

Your RSM team will uncover root cause issues to develop a go-forward approach that aligns with your vision and strategy. You'll receive an individual assessment tailored to your specific needs—whether you want a holistic review of your entire organization, or a deeper analysis of a specific, or cross-functional process.

Each engagement begins with a look at your organization, department or function from five distinct perspectives:

The insights gained from this analysis help determine where attention should be focused to strengthen your key processes.   

Finance and accounting solutions

We understand the complex challenges facing modern finance organizations. We work with hundreds of CFOs and their teams, navigating those issues so finance can become a true partner to the business and drive strategic decision-making.

We assist finance organizations with operational optimization and process improvement in areas such as:

  • Strategy and operating model
  • Business process improvement
  • Performance management and analytics 

Technology and digital solutions

In today’s rapidly changing environment, ensuring that your technology and digital components are closely aligned with the business strategy is crucial for long-term success. The most successful companies have a clear vision and roadmap guiding technology and innovation related decisions, and they regularly revisit, adjust and enhance that strategy over time.

RSM offers a broad spectrum of technology enhancement services, from strategy development to governance and reporting, to project management and vendor collaboration management.

We can help you assess your entire IT organization, or dive down into one or more aspects depending on your unique needs. Our flexible, customizable approach allows you to select as many—or as few—deliverables as you need.

Operations and supply chain solutions

RSM provides a full range of services to help your organization make valuable, cost-effective enhancements across such functional areas as:

  • Strategy: Business process review, supply chain strategy, due diligence and merger and acquisition support
  • Sourcing and procurement: Sourcing strategy development, supplier management and performance tracking
  • Operations and manufacturing: Executive coaching and learning, production and packaging line design and improvement
  • Logistics and warehousing systems: Strategy, implementation support and enhancement and optimization

We execute each project with the end goal of generating value for your organization in key areas including revenue growth, risk mitigation, service and quality enhancement, and regulatory compliance.

At RSM, we bring you a structured approach that aligns our capabilities with your business strategy and objectives to target opportunities for improvement, resulting in a better and stronger business. Working collaboratively with your team, we deliver value at every stage and in each area where you need our help. 

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Chris Wetmore 

Assessment and Strategy Lead