Corporate Restructuring

Move from crisis to long-term survival via corporate restructuring.

Corporate restructuring happens for a myriad of reasons, including violations of secured debt agreements due to poor cash flow and/or debt covenant violations, inability to deal with an evolving marketplace, employee fraud, litigation, professional malpractice, or even family or generational issues. For corporations, the list of potentially crisis-producing issues is long.

It can be tough to face a deteriorating situation, especially if you’ve devoted years to building the business. But, sometimes, increased sales aren’t enough to turn things around, and the management team can’t come up with a formula for success. That’s where our corporate restructuring services come in.

Deal with underlying issues

When businesses reach an impasse, it makes sense to get an objective opinion from professionals who’ve handled corporate restructuring before – who can help you identify and address underlying problems to move the business from crisis to long-term survival.

RSM’s corporate restructuring services can help you:

  • Handle on-site crisis management
  • Analyze business risk and assess viability
  • Plan and implement profit improvement, cash-flow and cost-reduction strategies
  • Realign your corporate structure to improve operations and financial performance
  • Divest or exit non-core or unprofitable customers, products or entire business units
  • Reduce your risk of fraud through tighter financial controls
  • Improve your information technology systems to obtain relevant and timely data
  • Plan for and assist in lender or creditor negotiations
  • Increase lender and vendor confidence

Fresh insight into your problems

We offer a full range of corporate restructuring services, from on-site crisis management to debt restructuring, bankruptcy, forensic accounting, M&A, complex litigation and expert witness testimony services.

When you need help restructuring, call RSM. We’ll provide you with fresh insight and ask the tough questions that drive change.

How can we help you?

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