Contract Disputes

Helping assess damages in a breach of contract

Even under the best of circumstances, it is not uncommon for contract-related issues to arise between business stakeholders. While many of those challenges can be resolved solely through legal means, there are a number of circumstances in which accounting, financial and tax expertise is required to ensure that the dispute is properly evaluated.

Over the years, RSM’s contract disputes team has become a go-to resource for many law firms seeking to help their corporate clients assess and quantify the accounting risks, financial damages or economic value of a variety of contract breaches.

How can we help you?

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These may include:

While our team has the skills to analyze all of these specific situations, it also has access to the full range of RSM resources for complicated contract disputes. This may involve the use of forensic accountants to methodically assemble missing pieces in financial disclosures or reporting, valuation professionals to assess if financial calculations in business transactions have been properly determined, intellectual property consultants to evaluate the potential damages from patent, trademark, copyright or licensing agreements, and professionals who specialize in the accounting and financial aspects of bankruptcy, business insurance and complex commercial litigation matters.

In addition, our professionals can serve as a forensic accounting or valuation expert witness in a variety of contract disputes addressing IP and patent damages, post-acquisition working capital and earnout calculations, and employee agreement disputes.

When a potential contract breach is uncovered, turn to RSM for an accurate summary of the accounting, financial or tax implications of your case and actionable advice on how the dispute could be resolved to your best advantage.