Bankruptcy Litigation Support and Forensic Accounting

When you need objective, financial expertise and advice on litigation matters

Companies, their counsel, lenders and creditors, debtors and other parties involved in bankruptcy often seek advice and assistance from outside financial experts. The list of potential litigation issues includes: avoidance actions, preferences, fraudulent transfers, breach of fiduciary duties, misappropriation of funds, unjust enrichment claims, directors and officers liability claims, related-party transactions, damages, equitable subordination, re-characterization of debt to equity actions, and other related matters.

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It makes sense to involve financial experts who have experience working with legal counsel to analyze the issues and evaluate the financial ramifications and who can assist at trial as consultants or by testifying.

Fresh insights for your litigation needs

Our nationally recognized, interdisciplinary team of professionals has diverse backgrounds in finance, valuation, operations and accounting from a variety of industries. They have significant experience and can provide you with fresh insights in matters related to:

Solvency. RSM professionals analyze the financial, valuation and accounting issues underlying solvency matters. These issues are relevant in director and officer liability (D&O) and fraudulent transfer and preference litigation. We have successfully provided expert consulting and testimony in many major solvency cases.

Directors and officers and insider liability. We analyze the financial and accounting issues in director and officer (D&O) and insider liability matters, including securities fraud, corporate governance, fiduciary obligations and other allegations.

Forensic investigations. Experienced RSM investigators pursue claims to determine whether financial accounting and disclosure rules have been violated and to assess and quantify damages. In addition, our team can plan and perform investigative and evidence-gathering procedures, identify and interview individuals with pertinent information, and clearly and accurately communicate findings in the form of an expert report or testimony.

Damages. Our team includes leading damages specialists with extraordinary and sophisticated knowledge regarding complex commercial damages analysis and testimony. RSM team members also have the extensive bankruptcy experience necessary to offer a unique perspective on case management and strategies.

In addition, we also handle bankruptcy trustee services issues related to liquidation trusts, including purchase price reconciliation, asset wind-down, claim reconciliation, litigation management and creditor distributions.

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