Financial reporting and disclosure violations

When inquiries arise, how you respond is critical

Allegations of financial reporting and disclosure violations are a significant challenge for companies, as new accounting standards are introduced and regulators increase scrutiny on financial reporting. Such allegations typically originate from an internal whistleblower or externally from regulators, and can take two forms: unintentional misstatements or accounting errors in financial statements or intentional, and potentially fraudulent, misstatements.

With an evolving financial reporting landscape, regulators have increased their focus on public company filings. For example, the new ASC 606 revenue recognition standard is complicated for many businesses and its subjectivity can result in unintentional or intentional misstatements. Regulators are focusing on public company filings to ensure they are in compliance with accounting and reporting requirements, and if material inaccuracies occur, allegations and an investigation will likely follow.  

How can we help you?

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RSM professionals have extensive experience working jointly with companies and their external counsel to investigate financial and reporting issues and help develop an effective response to regulators. Our certified professionals in both forensic accounting and technical accounting issues can perform an independent investigation and analysis to determine what accounting irregularities may have occurred, their impact on disclosures and any necessary remediation. We also work with counsel to ensure that responses to regulators are appropriate, sufficient and in your company’s best interests.

Emerging accounting standards can be the catalyst for many financial reporting and disclosure allegations as new processes are adopted and a new level of subjectivity is applied—sometimes incorrectly. When inquiries arise, let RSM’s experienced professionals navigate through what is likely to be a difficult, high-stakes situation for your company.