Bribery and corruption investigative services

The team you need to respond to allegations of bribery or corruption

The discovery of fraudulent activity—such as bribery or corruption—can be a devastating blow to a company’s finances, external reputation and ability to conduct business with governmental entities. But it also frequently involves varying degrees of regulatory and legal scrutiny, which carry substantial costs and can have negative effects on the organization’s day-to-day operations and longer-term business strategies.

If your company is facing these challenges, turn to RSM for experienced anti-bribery and anti-corruption support. With a team of CPAs, certified fraud examiners, and former Department of Justice (DOJ) and Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) agents, our professionals apply their investigative, data analytics, digital forensics and internal control skills to routinely handle international investigations. 

How can we help you?

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We offer a detailed understanding of regulatory trends and expectations, fast mobilization of investigative teams with resources in over 110 countries with relevant language skills, and knowledge of local regulatory environments, business customs and enforcement practices.

Other key investigative services include:

  • Internal corporate investigations. We will identify the actions and personnel that failed to comply with anti-bribery and books and records provisions. Our industry-specific insight (whether it be financial institutions, life sciences, oil and gas, telecommunications or some other) is vital to determining the characterization of prohibited behaviors, which is critical to assessing an entity’s regulatory exposure associated with disgorgement and fines.
  • Data preservation and analysis. Our team can support corruption investigations through a full suite of forensic resources that enhance data preservation, collection, processing, hosting and various analyses (e.g., deletion, metadata, etc.). In addition, we can deploy data analytics tools to summarize large, complex data sets, which often uncover hidden patterns of behavior and other evidence crucial to the overall investigation.
  • Unjust enrichment. Should a company face disgorgement, our team will perform the required analyses to identify potentially tainted revenues and the associated gross profit margins.
  • Ability to pay analysis. Federal sentencing guidelines allow for reductions in a criminal fine when an organization is not able to pay an assessed penalty. Our team can help business leaders evaluate their ability to pay in accordance with the DOJ guidance.
  • Court appointed monitoring. RSM can serve as a court- or government-approved independent monitor, following settlements with the DOJ, SEC or other regulators.
  • Remediation. Our team of professionals can support management efforts to identify missing controls, and develop and implement actionable work plans to improve elements of an organizations’ program. We can assist you in building a framework that will support sound, compliance-based decision-making.

Fraud, bribery, corruption or other illicit acts can happen in any company. If it happens to yours, do not try to handle it alone. Trust RSM to deliver a team with the experience, skills, training and resources to thoroughly assess your situation and chart a course toward the best possible outcome.