Asset misappropriation investigations

Forensic services to investigate issues and proactively assess threats

Companies lose billions of dollars each year to various fraud schemes involving misappropriation of assets, embezzlement, and corruption and bribery. When allegations of financial impropriety arise, companies need to move quickly to identify the facts and determine what, if any, course of action is needed.

Today’s complicated financial and regulatory environment requires professionals with the forensic skills and experience to help clients unravel and resolve the most critical and increasingly complex fraud issues.

How can we help you?

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With decades of experience, RSM’s corporate investigations team understands this evolving landscape, and employs a variety of proven forensic investigative procedures including:

  • Financial statement and disclosure analysis
  • Document review, data mining and computer forensics
  • Digital forensics and data analytics
  • Reconstruction of books and records
  • Asset tracing and identification of potential related parties
  • Interviewing fact witnesses
  • Calculating damages

Investigating potential corporate improprieties and issues involving asset misappropriation or embezzlement is a complex and tricky process. These matters demand in-depth training and hands-on forensic accounting and criminal investigation experience. Our team includes certified public accountants, certified fraud examiners, forensic accountants, former law enforcement officials and forensic technology experts with the skills and experience to resolve high-stakes issues from the boardroom to the courtroom.