Trends in Real Estate Private Equity

Attracting private capital in the real estate sector is becoming increasingly challenging, as investors navigate everything from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and geopolitical risk to tax reform and new measures for sustainability under ESG. The appetite for investment is evident; dry powder has reached record highs and capital continues to flock to big name funds. This begs the question: How long before real estate funds will see a rebound in consumer spending and deal-making?

Deal activity, valuations, fundraising, and the availability and cost of capital are largely dependent on the pace of economic recovery amid the pandemic and shifting consumer habits under real estate’s new normal.

Supporting your real estate fund operations and transactions requires seasoned professionals who understand your needs and can provide the perspective of broad industry experience. From operating agreements and waterfall provisions to state and foreign withholding and unrelated business taxable income, our national real estate team brings technical and operational expertise that delivers a custom approach for your fund’s distinct needs.

From one-off single asset investments to fund portfolio transactions with numerous assets covering a broad range of property sectors, we can help.

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