Oil and gas

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As a leading provider of audit, tax and consulting services, our team of energy professionals helps the decision makers at oil and gas companies think ahead and prepare for the future as they expand domestically and abroad. We bring significant energy industry experience across the entire energy value chain. RSM’s energy professionals understand the challenges our oil and gas clients face—including advanced drilling and extraction techniques, midstream capacity constraints and environmental regulations. We help companies in this sector address accounting, tax and operational issues as well as the business and technical factors that drive the industry.

Oil and gas: Challenges and opportunities

Petrochemical expansion and commodity exports: Shale production in the United States is now the swing supplier to the global market. This has led to a rebirth of low-cost feedstock fueling petrochemical growth and capital expansion on the U.S. Gulf Coast, and created export opportunities across the energy value chain. Developing new markets and shifting focus to large capital projects, however, also brings potential enterprise risk management considerations, tax structuring issues and increased operational scrutiny.

Financing: Private equity investment in oil and gas companies has increased substantially in recent years as struggling upstream and oil field services companies, along with some midstream companies, required infusions to continue operations and restructure debt. But with the influx of capital comes more input from, if not control by, investors as well as added pressure for near-term cash flow and returns.

Data: When exploration and production companies start drilling a well, a significant amount of data is compiled. These companies recognize the need to evaluate and leverage the data, allowing them to be more efficient and effective as well as to find richer sites to place wells and make better use of their resources.

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