Energy trends and issues

Key insights for energy companies

Staying informed and adjusting to the cyclical nature of the energy industry is critical to sustaining profitability. In an increasingly competitive global market, energy companies face challenges to manage margins and remain competitive.

We understand the challenges and opportunities energy companies face. Whether your business operates in the power, utilities and alternative energy, oil and gas, or metals and mining sectors, you must adjust to the variability of an increasingly competitive global market.

At RSM, we leverage our in-depth energy industry experience to keep nearly 750 energy clients abreast of the latest issues and help them tackle their financial, compliance and business challenges. We combine real-world experience with our proven methodologies to provide a robust range of industry-specific services across the energy value chain. We have a unique entrepreneurial culture with nearly 8,000 professionals nationwide focused on delivering fresh perspectives to meet your strategic needs


  • Cybersecurity: In order to protect assets and intellectual property, energy companies are increasingly focused on implementing proactive cybersecurity strategies. These strategies need to identify cyber risks, protect against threats, detect tactical and strategic challenges, create cyber response plans, and develop effective recovery solutions in the event of a cyberattack.
  • Regulatory environment: The regulatory and legislative environment is constantly evolving. There is a clear desire for cleaner energy, but keeping up with differing federal, state and global regulations can be challenging. Energy companies also need to be mindful of controlling and maintaining resources.
  • Workforce: The energy workforce is leaner than it has ever been, and stratified between older, experienced individuals and younger, more recent entrants. Long-term development and succession planning require new skill sets to meet the new focus on technology, distributed resources and customer interaction.
  • Artificial intelligence and robotics: Automation solutions and advancing technology are shaping the future of the energy industry. There are many factors influencing how quickly energy companies will adopt this emerging technology. Cost efficiency, process automation, the health and safety of employees, and scalability are all being evaluated.

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