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In just the past few years, the retail environment has experienced a seismic transformation where it has gone from single channel—bricks-and-mortar or online—to multichannel or omnichannel. Today, there are few boundaries in the shopping experience where consumers are essentially in control and can be easily lured away by similar products, store density, pricing and convenience. It is no wonder why retailers must continuously innovate to capture consumer attention that will lead to new customers and improve the loyalty of existing ones.

Promoting innovation within a retail enterprise today is not simple, however. It requires a mix of the right talent, processes and resources to drive innovation within any company. Technology can tie all those essential elements together to support your efforts. This white paper will outline how you can drive innovation in your retail company by incorporating the following technology strategies:

  • Integrating a single enterprise system to support access to timely and accurate data and provide end-to-end visibility of operations
  • Using business intelligence and analytics to measure the customer’s shopping experience and market trends
  • Adopting advanced technologies like mobile and social media to improve collaboration and generate new and creative ideas for products, services, convenience and shopability

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