Forensic Data Analytics Services

Forensic data analytics should be incorporated in an organization's forensic protocols to assist in risk mitigation and fraud detection.

Combining skill and emerging technology to uncover and mitigate misconduct in your organization

In the ongoing battle against fraud, waste, or abuse, early detection is critical. The sooner probable misconduct is detected, the sooner work can be done to eliminate it and reduce another occurrence. While fraud cases are rising, many middle market companies must do more with less. That’s why it makes good business sense to collaborate with a provider with technical and forensic experience and implement cost-effective technology applications. 

RSM’s financial fraud investigations team uses sophisticated tools to augment their experience and skill. We’ve found implementing effective forensic data analytics solutions can identify high-risk relationships and prohibited behaviors in their early stages, allowing the team to conduct timely analyses and implement protocols to minimize the risk and mitigate fraud from occurring. 

RSM uses emerging technology to accelerate investigations and address fraud and misconduct. The financial fraud investigations team leverages a combination of data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) data-processing tools to improve productivity in a cost-effective and timely manner. Not only does this help “find the needle in the haystack,” this combination gives us better insight into potential issues with greater accuracy. We find being well-versed in emerging tools and technology strengthens our analysis to help protect your organization and reputation while minimizing regulatory exposure. 

Additionally, we can implement a well-designed data analytics framework into your own business protocols, to increase the effectiveness of your prevention and compliance efforts. 



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