Data analytics assessment

Is your data a mess? The findings may surprise you

Jul 31, 2022

For a successful data-driven business strategy, you need consistent and accurate data across your organization while understanding where and how to use it. That requires some basics:

  • Logical data categorization
  • Good data governance
  • The right business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools that your people can use
  • Automation to minimize errors and eliminate time-consuming manual tasks
  • Cybersecurity to protect your infrastructure and the data that lives in it

That’s much easier said than done.

Take our data analytics assessment to determine your maturity in four critical areas:

Data transformation

  • How far you along you are on the road to having data you trust across domains like finance and sales
  • How standardized your data is
  • How easy it is for your users to self-serve and conduct their own analyses

BI and analytics

  • How well your people know how to use your BI and analytics tools
  • If your people can access all the data they need to support their analyses
  • If you’re making use of predictive analytics

Performance management

  • How much you have automated time-consuming manual work
  • How well you can forecast using multivariate analysis and timelines
  • If you have the right key performance indicators (KPIs)

Risk management

  • How to categorize your data to comply with regulations
  • How to scale your risk management framework to protect your system infrastructure

Once you take the assessment, you’ll receive results that rate your data analytics maturity level. You’ll also receive recommendations for your next steps and useful resources.

If your data’s a mess, you can’t put off getting your house in order. A data-driven strategy is critical to gain a complete vision and understanding of your business to make better decisions faster, respond to changing conditions and mitigate risk.

Take the assessment now. 

Data analytics learning portal

RSM has developed a comprehensive collection of webcasts from our experienced data analytics advisors to help you capitalize on your data. Topics include: 

  • Data management and governance
  • Data architure and data federation
  • Demos of several leading data analytics tools