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Recording of 2013 COSO Framework Update Webcast available


In 1992, the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO) published Internal Control-Integrated Framework, which has become commonly known as the COSO Framework. On May 14, 2013, COSO issued an updated Internal Control-Integrated Framework to reflect changes in the business world over the 20 years since release of the original Framework. The 2013 Framework retains the five components of internal control (i.e., control environment, risk assessment, information and communication, control activities, and monitoring activities); however, it adds 17 principles associated with these five components that are necessary for effective internal control.

A recorded version of our 2013 COSO Framework Update webcast, which was presented on May 23, 2013, is now available on our website. This webcast provided an overview of the updated 2013 COSO Framework, highlighting similarities with and changes from the 1992 version. The webcast also discussed the 17 principles necessary to achieve effective internal control and the 81 points of focus supporting these principles.