United States

Proposed updated statistical disclosures for banks, savings and loans


As part of its Disclosure Effectiveness Initiative, the SEC recently issued a proposed rule, Update of Statistical Disclosures for Bank and Savings and Loan Registrants. If finalized, the proposed rule would become new Subpart 1400 of Regulation S-K, replacing Industry Guide 3, Statistical Disclosure by Bank Holding Companies. The SEC’s proposed rules reflect new accounting standards that have been issued since the SEC last updated Industry Guide 3 and codify certain Guide 3 disclosures, while eliminating disclosures that overlap with SEC rules, U.S. generally accepted accounting principles or International Financial Reporting Standards.

The SEC’s proposed rules would apply to banks, bank holding companies, savings and loan associations, and savings and loan holding companies. The proposed required reporting periods generally would be reduced to align with the relevant annual periods required by SEC rules for a registrant’s financial statements. The proposed rules would require disclosure about the following:

  • Distribution of assets, liabilities and stockholders’ equity, the related interest income and expense, and interest rates and interest differential
  • Weighted average yield of investments in debt securities by maturity
  • Maturity analysis of the loan portfolio, including the amounts that have predetermined interest rates and floating or adjustable interest rates
  • An allocation of the allowance for credit losses and certain credit ratios:
    • Allowance for credit losses to total loans
    • Nonaccrual loans to total loans
    • Allowance for credit losses to nonaccrual loans
    • Net charge-offs to average loans, by loan category disclosed in the financial statements
  • Information about bank deposits, including amounts of time deposits in uninsured accounts by maturity