United States

OMB issues 2018 Compliance Supplement


The Office of Management and Budget recently announced the availability of the 2018 Compliance Supplement, which is effective for audits of fiscal years beginning after June 30, 2017. This 2018 Compliance Supplement adds, deletes and modifies prior Supplement sections as usual. However, it is unlike previous annual updates in that it only modifies sections of the 2017 Supplement that were in need of significant revision. Sections without revisions from the 2017 Supplement were not copied into the 2018 Supplement. Therefore, auditors must use the 2018 Supplement and the 2017 Supplement together to perform Single Audits for the periods the 2018 Supplement is effective. Appendix V of the 2018 Compliance Supplement provides a list of changes from the 2017 Compliance Supplement.