Affordable Care Act Services

Let us help you understand how the Affordable Care Act affects your company.

Employers today are facing major decisions regarding employee health benefits due to the financial impact of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Compliance with the ACA is not optional, and noncompliance can be costly.

RSM can help you assess the financial impact of the ACA on your company and its employees and assist you in developing and implementing an ACA strategy. Our team of experienced professionals can:

  • Answer your questions about the ACA
  • Advise you about the IRS information reporting requirements
  • Analyze company ownership and determine whether companies are related for ACA purposes
  • Determine your company’s exposure for IRS penalties and fees
  • Create customized reports using data about your workforce and benefit plans to illustrate how the ACA will affect your company’s bottom line under various what-if scenarios
  • Offer recommendations to help you comply with the law, control costs and meet your objectives
  • Partner with you in developing and executing an ACA action plan
  • Align technology, people and processes to ensure you meet your compliance requirements

To understand how the Affordable Care Act can impact your company, read more.

With extensive knowledge in tax, financial planning, technology systems and ACA reporting from your ERP or HR system, we are uniquely qualified to help you navigate the ACA. As an independent advisor, we bring an unbiased approach to evaluating your benefits and strategies. Whether you are considering maintaining, redesigning or even terminating your health care benefits, we can provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions for your company.

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How can we help you manage compliance with the ACA?