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Economic headwinds and the outlook for middle market businesses

May 16, 2023
Labor and workforce Economics Inflation

Join RSM Chief Economist Joe Brusuelas and U.S. Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President Neil Bradley for their discussion on matters affecting middle market businesses across various industries.

From workforce and supply chain challenges to addressing consumer behaviors and profitability, they’ll examine the economic headwinds facing companies and how businesses can address ongoing risks and challenges. 

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Q1 2023 Middle Market Business Index (MMBI)

Middle market business conditions remain solid heading into the middle of the year as firms continue to adapt, improvise and overcome challenges.

Key findings:

  • 57% of executives are expecting an increase in both gross revenues and net earnings through the middle of the year.
  • 53% said they had bolstered their stock of goods, which, given the drawing down of excess savings by households, demands close monitoring.