Setting the course for maximum value creation

Discover the essential strategies and tools of 100-day plans.

Oct 24, 2022

Key takeaways

Prioritizing people will help shift the focus from short-term disruption to value creation

A Transformation Team can help bridge the gap between the PE firm and portco to drive plan execution

Leveling up communications encourages buy-in from the new portco and adherence to the plan

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The first 100 days following an acquisition are a critical period for the private equity firm and their newly acquired portfolio companies as the focus shifts from business purchase to setting up the acquisition for long-term value creation. PE teams and portfolio company management have a short window in which to rapidly address a variety of issues that span operational improvements, sales channels, new market expansion, IT system upgrades, and reporting system changes. As the clock to exit begins ticking, every week counts.

Collective experience has proven that most successful value creation plan implementations focus on four key practices that improve the chances of meeting or exceeding expected value.

The four key success practices shared in this brief include:

  1. The importance of prioritizing people
  2. The value of a transformation team
  3. Why leveling up communications is critical
  4. Tips on monitoring and measuring

RSM’s decades of experience in helping drive transformation on private equity deals can help PE firms begin driving post-close change from day one. Find out how working with RSM as a transformation partner can help maximize value.

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