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Telecommunications industry outlook

Nov 15, 2023

Telecommunications industry outlook key takeaways

The $42.5 billion BEAD program seeks to bring high-speed internet access to all Americans. 

States will begin to receive their allocated BEAD funds in December 2023. 

Fiber and cable providers and manufacturers are projected to benefit—with fiber as a big winner.

Telecommunications trend #1: BEAD funding

The Broadband Equity Access and Deployment Program (BEAD) allocates $42.5 billion to bring high-speed internet to underserved Americans. Focusing on unserved areas first, the initiative prioritizes affordability and aims to bridge the digital divide, which disproportionately affects lower-income and minority populations.

U.S. broadband access to expand to underserved via $42.5 billion BEAD funding
The United States’ $42.5 billion BEAD program to extend high-speed internet access will benefit communities, as well as providers and manufacturers.

Telecommunications trend #2: 5G edge computing

Though still far from perfect, generative AI technologies have the potential to revolutionize many industries, including media and entertainment. Already this industry has quickly adopted these technologies, deploying them in creative processes ranging from generating first drafts of TV scripts to helping customize digital content for individual users.

The new required tax treatment of R&D expenses is also affecting M&A by worsening the tax posture of targets. Transaction planning that includes R&D cost analyses may enable deals to proceed by reducing the cash tax rate. However, the utilization of favorable tax attributes, such as net operating losses, may be limited by a change in ownership, which must be taken into account.

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