Why your customer health scores aren’t actionable for predicting retention

Insights on how to better understand and proactively address customer behaviors

Jan 30, 2022

RSM and TSIA professionals discuss how tech companies can improve their customer retention model

In a subscription economy, the revenue focus of many technology companies has shifted from closing new deals to renewing subscription contracts and expanding sales among existing customers in order to continually grow their accounts. Understanding how likely an account is to renew has become a core focus of company financials, making customer retention a hot topic. As a result, customer success functions, and the account health scores they create, are in the spotlight.

As these customer health scores become increasingly strategic, many companies are realizing their current approach to calculating them leaves a lot to be desired. Watch this Technology & Services Industry Association webcast, sponsored by RSM US LLP and recorded in January 2022, to learn what tech companies should do to move to a more proactive and predictive model for customer health.

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