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Managing a changing workforce to maximize business operations


Demographic shifts, a shortage of skilled labor and employee demands are changing the picture of the 21st century workforce.  Automation and technology drives the need for new skill sets and training programs.  Different incentives are needed to attract and retain today’s labor pool.  This webcast series explores actions to take to maximize business operations through your employees and considers the value of outsourcing as a means of complementing your existing workforce.

Part 1: Adjusting to a shifting workforce

Tax laws and incentives change rapidly.  Businesses need to look for new ways to retain and recruit employees while also operating in an atmosphere of increasing examination and intervention from tax authorities.  This session explores:

  • 2018 outlook on the workforce in the United States
  • Credits and incentives to retain, expand and train your team
  • Employee classification concerns (contractor vs. employee)
  • How apprenticeships and retraining can help ease the skills gap

Part 2: Technology and outsourcing strategies to combat skilled labor shortages

New technologies can be your best solution for efficiency improvement. In this session, RSM advisors will illustrate:

  • How systems and technology can transform your finance, IT and operations functions
  • The advantages of using outsourcing or co-sourcing to address skills gaps or shortages
  • What your peers are saying and doing about their own digital transformation and outsourcing views

Part 1: Adjusting to a Shifting Workforce 
Dec. 5, 2017

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Part 2: Technology and outsourcing strategies to combat skilled labor shortages
Dec. 13, 2017

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