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Pass-through compensation: Lessons learned from the 2018 tax season


Partnerships, LLCs and S corporations face a number of choices in paying compensation to their owners for services, and in some cases for the use of capital. Recent legislative and regulatory changes, and changes in IRS policy, continue to affect the calculus of important tax and nontax considerations.

Join us to hear an update, including lessons learned from the first returns filed under the 2017 tax reform law.

On this webcast, our presenters will discuss:

  • Why owners may want to analyze and reconsider how they are compensated for services (and capital in some cases)
  • How tax reform may change the math on many common retirement strategies for owners of closely held businesses
  • When it may be beneficial to review relationships with and compensation methods of current employees and independent contractors
  • Latest developments on profits interests, including interests issued to full-time employees

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Owners of closely held businesses


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