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Tackling 2020’s board leadership and governance challenges


2019 was a year of rapid technology changes, a tightening labor market, and numerous other disruptors. Join us on Feb. 11 for a webcast where we will discuss board leadership and governance challenges for the remainder of 2020. This webcast, for corporate leaders, audit committee members and boards of directors, will provide insights on key regulatory and governance issues, deliver tips to manage cyber risk, and provide important economic updates for 2020.

During this webcast, you will gain valuable insights on:

  • Strategies on managing cybersecurity risks for your business
  • Tips on how to ensure your organization’s cyber defense is prepared
  • The changing regulatory landscape
  • An economic outlook for 2020

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Corporate executives, audit committee members, directors, chief executive officers, chief operating officers, board chairs, chairs, boards of directors and committee members



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