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The Real Economy: Volume 66

The post-coronavirus economy: What to expect, and what is needed


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It seems the U.S. economy has ended its pandemic-induced free fall. Tentative signs of the recession’s nadir are evident in near real-time data across the economy. It is now time to begin considering the shape of the post-pandemic economy: What it will look like, whose interests are given preference, and how fiscal and monetary policy will drive the American economy.

One thing is certain. The status quo is not going to return. The pandemic is shattering what is left of the old social contract that survived the financial crisis. The special interests, cartels and policy coalitions, which shaped the political economy before the pandemic, will likely not survive the magnitude of the shocks working their way through the economy and society. What lies ahead will include a major shift in the balance of power between state and society, labor and capital, and the individual and government.

In this issue of The Real Economy, we examine the post-coronavirus economy. In addition, we spotlight how the private equity and real estate industries are affected by the pandemic, and we explore workforce dynamic trends in the middle market. Download the full issue.


The future of work: 5 predictions for private equity firms

The future of work: 5 predictions for private equity firms

Here are five lasting changes for private equity firms that will follow COVID-19 and how deal-making will go on—it just may look different.

Middle market trend watch: Workforce dynamics

Middle market trend watch: Workforce dynamics

The workplace has undergone a fundamental shift and will likely continue to evolve amid reopening and recovery efforts.


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