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Brexit update: March of uncertainty

Preparing for the U.K.'s exit from the EU


With less than a month until the Brexit deadline and no agreement in sight, the future remains uncertain. RSM Chief Economist Joe Brusuelas shares the most important issues and considerations for companies that do business in or with the United Kingdom, as it prepares to leave the European Union.


Feedback from middle market business leaders in the recent RSMUS LLP Middle Market Business Index (MMBI) indicates that many believe the Brexit deal will be extended. Our chief economist, Joe Brusuelas, cautions organizations to take steps today, regardless of the March 29 outcome.

Whether your organization operates in the U.K. or not, Brexit has the potential to impact you in several ways.  According to Brusuelas, every business should:

  1. Stress test balance sheets
  2. Examine supply chains, including license and registrations
  3. Ensure foreign exchange lines are open
  4. Manage budgets
  5. Communicate with talent

Preparing for uncertainty requires careful evaluation of possible scenarios. RSM advisors can help you plan confidently for the impact of global change, whether Brexit or beyond.

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