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Meet RSM Pursue Your Passion Winner: Bill George


ICS Unified Communications Engineer Senior | Minneapolis, Minnesota

Both my boys, ages 18 and 23, tend to be somewhat fearful of the unknown and often don’t take opportunities that present themselves because they are unsure of what the outcome will be. I struggle to find ways to help them deal with this anxiety. I want nothing more than for them to learn to move through the world confidently.

In my personal life, I have learned that forcing myself to be outside my comfort zone sometimes is key to learning to be brave in the face of uncertainty. I happen to have a passion for boats and the sea, though I have not owned a sailboat for many years, and my sons were too young to go boating with me when I did have one. Back then, I resigned myself to do what many parents do, and I gave up some of my passions in order to be a good provider for my family. Sailing has taught me so much about being present in the moment, and learning to be comfortable with the variability of life, and I believe it may also do the same for my boys.

My goal for the Pursue Your passion Program is to use a shared, weeklong, live-aboard American Sailing Association (ASA) sailing course to help my sons discover that they are stronger than they think they are, and capable of more than they know. I also hope to reawaken my own passion for adventure and for being on and around the sea. There are several ASA sailing schools in the Caribbean and if I’m awarded this opportunity, then I will enroll us for a weeklong live-aboard sailing course. The course I have in mind departs from La Paz, Mexico at various times during year. The specific ASA courses and certifications covered are: 101-Basic Keelboat, 103 Coastal Cruising, and 104, Bareboat Charter.