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RSM’s Women’s Employee Network Group: Women's History Month Winners

Meet Susan Martinelli and Kendall Ashe


Each year in March, RSM has the opportunity to recognize and support our women across the firm and in our lives in conjunction with Women's History Month. Throughout March, RSM’s Women’s STAR (Stewardship. Teamwork. Advancement. Retention.) employee network group (ENG) shined a spotlight on a few of the many exceptional women in our firm.

Each of the individuals being recognized was nominated by fellow STAR members and chosen for excelling at living our firm values of respect, integrity, teamwork, excellence and stewardship.

Today, we introduce Susan Martinelli, our 2018 STAR partner, and Kendall Ashe, the first of four Rising STARS. In our accompanying posts, you'll meet Murielle Bigaud, our Internal Client Services STAR, and three more Rising STARS: Palak Singh, Evan Fullmer and Leann Collins

Congratulations to all of our 2018 winners!

2018 STAR Partner: Susan Martinelli

Audit partner
Time with RSM: Almost 18 years

What are you doing to mentor other women at RSM?

Whether someone is my advisee or not, I take every opportunity to be a resource for them. If they are facing a situation that they don’t know how to handle, whether it is work related or personal, I try to help them through it if they need help. 

I try to be the role model for others that they can identify with. I listen and I share the challenges I face so that others can also learn from them. I don't say everything is easy or pretend that there won’t be challenges. But I try to be honest and provide advice on how to deal with situations. If I don’t have the answer, I will help them work through it or connect them with another resource. 

I show people that I care—about their success, both personally and professionally. I appreciate the position I am in, and the fact that I wouldn’t be here without the support of people who care about me. I also like to help others develop skills that I wish I had known earlier in my career. I take every opportunity I can to share.


2018 Rising STAR: Kendall Ashe

Technology and management consulting associate
Time with RSM: 8 Months

What are a few of the best steps you took to get where you are today? Describe any missteps and how they helped you grow professionally.

I graduated from college in June of 2017, and will admit I was still wary of a consultant's day-to-day responsibilities, so I set out to absorb as much as possible, and made it a point to offer my help wherever I could. A few weeks in, I began to realize we work in the business of people and problem solving. With this knowledge, I began focusing my efforts on being attentive. I listened to the client relay their most pressing issues and paid attention to my team's responses. I began to digest what I heard and, in addition to lending a helping hand, I tried to offer solutions. My focus then shifted again to how to best communicate those solutions. Since then, I have made a conscious effort to analyze communication with my team, as well as our clients, and to focus on how I can continue to make further improvements.





STAR advocates for women in the workplace with a focus on stewardship, teamwork, advancement and retention opportunities.

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