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Here she comes…Ms. Wheelchair America


With nearly 10,000 people across the nation, it stands to reason that RSM would have some famous folks among its ranks, but we recently learned that our very own Allison Merriam, a senior tax associate based out of our Kansas City office, is currently Ms. Wheelchair America Kansas. And she’s heading to Grand Rapids Michigan July 30 through Aug. 6 to compete in the National Ms. Wheelchair America competition, thanks to the sponsorship of RSM’s Abilities employee network group (ENG)!

Allison is passionate about her platform: transforming the perception of disability. She has been with the RSM for about two-and-a-half years, and is actively involved in the firm’s Abilities ENG, where she serves on the steering, budget and mobility committees, in addition to being the lead for the Abilities ENG in Kansas City, saying that her involvement in the Abilities ENG enables her to bring her platform to life here at RSM.

When asked about her experience with RSM, Allison says she has had a very good experience. “When I showed up, I had not asked that access buttons to be placed on the doors, but they put them in because they knew I was working there,” she said. “I’m ‘Allison’ at work, not ‘the person who uses a wheelchair.’ “RSM has really supported me. They went so far as to put a congratulatory sign in the lobby of our building when I won the Ms. Kansas title, so now everyone in the building – even the security guards – they all know I won, and they know that RSM supports me. Being in public accounting can be stressful, but being involved in RSM’s CDI efforts and seeing what we do there keeps me here.”

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