ServiceNow Integrations

Outlook Integration

Optimize Out-of-Office Requests With Outlook.

Does your organization need a quick and easy way to manage out-of-office (OOO) requests for accurate resource allocation and project forecasting? Consider RSM’s Outlook to ServiceNow Calendar Innovation.

Value to You:

  • Submit out-of-office (OOO) requests through Outlook
  • Requests can be approved from Outlook (application or web interface) or the Microsoft Flow application
  • When an OOO request is approved, the resource’s ServiceNow Calendar is automatically updated
  • Simplifies OOO requests and synchronizes resource calendars
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ServiceNow Integration Suite for Microsoft 365

Utilize Project, Teams, and SharePoint from ServiceNow.

Does your organization use Microsoft Project, Teams, or SharePoint? Would you like a way to access and use these applications from ServiceNow?

RSM’s ServiceNow Integration Suite for Microsoft 365 is ideal for facilitating communication and collaboration in the remote workspace. Getting started is easy. After creating a ServiceNow project, your Microsoft SharePoint site is generated automatically. You can make updates to your project in ServiceNow and see real-time updates in Microsoft Project.

Value to You:

  • Create Teams or SharePoint workspace for each ServiceNow project directly from Project; data is synced automatically
  • View real-time ServiceNow project information SharePoint Project Management Office (PMO) site
  • Search ServiceNow projects or email project director from SharePoint PMO site
  • See name, state, project manager, percent complete, and live project status
  • View and edit SharePoint documents directly from ServiceNow
  • Create Teams or SharePoint workspaces on the fly

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ITBM release updates

Training materials and updates for each release

Do you struggle to fit upgrades into your project workload? Are you facing resource issues when it comes to finding teams to perform updates?

IT business management (ITBM) release updates should not create stress for your internal teams and resources, and RSM can help. Nationwide, we average installing one update every three days.

RSM provides end-to-end ServiceNow ITBM release updates with ITBM foundation training.

Included with each ServiceNow release:

  • Base training material updates
  • Latest release updates
  • User stories (parameters and acceptance criteria)
  • Adhoc support (30 hours)

Value to you:

  • Unmatched experience—work with professional consultants
  • Ability to take advantage of the latest ITBM features and functionality
  • Alleviate stress on internal resources and teams during the upgrade process
  • Training that ensures business continuity and prevents end-user adoption issues

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ITBM configuration and adoption assessment

Improve, scale and align ITBM capabilities

Are you concerned about the health of your ServiceNow ITBM platform? The RSM ITBM configuration and adoption assessment for ServiceNow will give you actionable insights for your ServiceNow investment.

What’s included:        

  • Two-hour review with a RSM ServiceNow professional
  • Actionable insights report that targets the following:
    • Maturity and roadmap
    • Process development
    • Leadership messaging
    • Adoption strategies
    • Alignment to current and future ITBM capabilities

Value to you:

  • Identify improvement areas
  • Work with practitioners who are ITBM professionals
  • Receive findings and recommendations report
  • Obtain review with quick wins and long-term maturity opportunities
  • Apply a proven methodology to your needs
  • Receive actionable insights for your ServiceNow investment.
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CMDB adoption and configuration assessment

Evaluate your configuration management database

RSM understands that a healthy configuration management database (CMDB) is essential for accurate data acquisition, data health and certification, visualization and reporting. That’s why we offer a CMDB adoption and configuration assessment for ServiceNow.

Each assessment includes a thorough audit and individualized CMDB assessment report so that you can springboard your CMDB capabilities.

Included in the assessment:

  • Strategic use cases
  • Governance and policies
  • Platform architecture and integrations
  • Alignment to Common Service Data Model (CSDM) 2.0
  • Data analytics
  • Automation

Value to you:

  • Work with consultants who are CMDB professionals
  • Identify improvement areas
  • Receive a functionality review covers asset management, configuration and change management integration, and network discovery
  •  Expand assessment to include hardware and software asset management (SAM)

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Digital ecosystem assessment

Drive transformation with people, process and tools

Many organizations find that strategic decisions, technology tool purchases and configurations made years ago may be outdated or burdensome, or lack alignment with new business models.

RSM understands that an interconnected ecosystem is essential to drive digital transformation. We will assess your current technology stack to determine if optimization is required. Our proven assessment approach can help you create a thriving environment that aligns with your strategic goals.

Value to you:

  • Optimizes data flow between technologies
  • Removes process waste
  • Reduces data management and manual data entry
  • Improves reporting and access to crucial information
  • Eliminates confusion around systems of record
  • Offers a strategic roadmap and a phased execution plan that aligns with tactical initiatives

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Touchless time tracking

Support time tracking without time entry

Have you ever wanted to track resource time automatically? Try our ServiceNow touchless time tracking innovation for Agile teams.

As resources pull user stories through their Kanban queue, RSM’s touchless time tracking interface acts as a timer on active stories.

Value to you:

  • Timer stops and starts automatically based on story status
  • Timesheet data is automatically processed daily
  • Resources receive a weekly summary inviting them to approve timesheets or use the “edit” link for revisions
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