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Introducing the Technology News Brief


The only thing that moves faster than technology trends are the news stories that report on them.

According to a recent Forrester Research survey, three buyer trends that will frame technology purchasing decisions in the future are:

  • The business will move from influencing to directly controlling technology purchases
  • IT will shift from a support role to a platform for business innovation
  • Consumer IT innovation will empower the workforce to be a shaper of corporate technology adoption

Therefore, it's important for all executives, whether focused on finance, operations or IT, to stay abreast of the latest trends. More technology purchases and road maps are being driven by leadership teams that will use emerging technology platforms to deliver more than just email and Internet access. These platforms will support the overall business strategy and growth goals by leveraging the efficiencies that advanced, integrated technologies can provide.

The amount of information related to emerging products, mobile innovations, advances in the cloud and ever-evolving software and hardware releases on the Web is staggering. The information technology and communications industry landscape is roiled by changes from three sources: social and economic trends, technology advances and new buying dynamics. Most executives are pressed for time as it is between juggling daily operations and planning for future growth. They often don't have the time to sift through hundreds of news sources and thousands of headlines to find the articles that are most relevant to their issues and needs.

RSM's Technology News Brief is a one-stop shop for the latest technology headlines. We feature the top news articles from various trusted media sources to generate a real-time compilation of the information you need to know now. With built-in social networking capabilities, you can also share your favorite articles with co-workers and peers. The Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook icons instantly post updates to your network and you can engage in dialogue with other readers by posting comments under the article teasers. The Technology News Brief provides a database of articles based on meta-tags so you can search and filter by category, topic, organization or keyword.

New articles are posted daily, so check back often for the latest news. Visit the Technology News Brief now and browse through our ever-expanding library of articles.