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Dogswell conquers growth challenges and enhances processes with NetSuite


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Dogswell is a pet product manufacturer, headquartered in Los Angeles. The company was founded over a decade ago and has built a strong brand presence based on premium quality dog treats. Dogswell is currently expanding into dog food and moving all treat manufacturing and production to the United States.

Dogswell has a very modern and engaging corporate culture; it is a young, energetic company that encourages employees to bring their dogs to work. The company’s startup feel and deep industry experience allows it to stay flexible and open to change.   


Dogswell previously utilized the QuickBooks accounting solution, but after increased success, the company outgrew the platform. For example, Dogswell required a second warehouse, but the existing platform did not support multiple facilities very well. In addition, the system did not have traceability capabilities to quickly locate inventory for quality assurance purposes. The company needed a more comprehensive enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, and sought an auditable platform that could be extended with custom functionality, and capabilities to close subledgers and periods.

In addition to ERP, moving forward, Dogswell required several additional IT platform enhancements. To meet growth demands, the company needed stronger materials and demand planning automation, as well as human resources and order processing applications. Integrating these functions to a new ERP system was essential for Dogswell to establish a fully functional, efficient technology platform. 


For a new ERP system, Dogswell desired a cloud platform to reduce the need for on-premise servers and equipment. The company chose RSM for the ERP selection and implementation based on extensive experience with multiple solutions.

Dogswell discussed several ERP systems with RSM, and it became apparent that NetSuite was the best solution for the growing company and its current and future goals. NetSuite stood out compared to other options, as it is a true cloud platform, it is established and customizable, and it received strong reviews from peers.

During the implementation, Dogswell took advantage of NetSuite’s inherent flexibility. With over 100 attributes in its item master, RSM helped the company integrate that information into the NetSuite system. NetSuite is utilized as a database, categorizing sales reporting by metrics that were not readily available in the past. The system also integrates greater workflow capabilities and allows Dogswell to go paperless with reporting.

The project placed NetSuite as the core of Dogswell’s new IT ecosystem. RSM augmented the company’s ERP and customer relationship management functionality by bringing in additional partners for material requirements planning and demand planning. Human resource information system and human capital management capabilities were added midway through the project and fully integrated into the NetSuite system. Credit card processing and full electronic ordering were also integrated, allowing for the young energetic workforce to utilize the system and enhance customer experience while maintaining rapid growth. 

“People are still learning the system and what it can do for us, but it is already so much more effective than our prior system.”

The NetSuite platform also enhanced some of Dogswell’s existing processes. The company utilized Concur expense reporting, but the NetSuite version of Concur offered a more robust version with direct deposit reimbursement. RSM also introduced a new NetSuite integrated payroll vendor for Dogswell, which actually gave the company a new human resources solution as well.

“That is one of the reasons that we chose NetSuite,” said Tim McElroy, Dogswell chief financial officer. “Because it is cloud-based, it has greater flexibility and there are so many options to bolt on to it.”

With its fast growth rapidly bringing in new customers, Dogswell needed to focus on automation and streamlining processes. NetSuite and the RSM team assisted with business process re-engineering and right-sizing the solution.

RSM developed strategic customizations for Dogswell, including warehouse and distribution enhancements. In addition, when the company acquired a small manufacturing facility to increase capacity, RSM helped expand the NetSuite platform with additional functionalities to meet evolving needs. The RSM team taught the Dogswell technology team to create additional attributes in-house for greater independence and efficiency. RSM also created a generator for UPC codes within NetSuite which integrates with company warehouses.

Dogswell has benefited from the dashboard capabilities that NetSuite affords, providing not only flash reports, but the ability to compare data to prior years.

“We are still figuring out all of the information we want,” said McElroy. “People are still learning the system and what it can do for us, but it is already so much more effective than our prior system.”

RSM also helped Dogswell customize the NetSuite system for better financial reporting workflows and controls. With NetSuite, Dogswell is able to close periods properly and not worry about prior periods being changed. The RSM team is also working with the company to integrate RockySoft demand planning software to assist with production planning, an area where Dogswell had difficulty in the past. When working from spreadsheets, formulas can be wrong and mistakes can be made, but the NetSuite system and modules will help the company better plan for product demand.  

“The planning for inventory and cash management is so critical for us, especially now that we have two warehouses,” commented McElroy.

The fully integrated system now allows Dogswell to maintain their growth through organic means and acquisitions due to the appropriately architected solution and their highly trained workforce. The original project was scoped out, but with extra add-ins and customizations, the project became a more high-value proposition for Dogswell.


RSM’s NetSuite selection and implementation have provided Dogswell with a stronger ERP system with a number of modules and customizations to support ongoing and future growth. RSM understood Dogswell’s requirements for a cloud-based solution and worked with the company to develop a comprehensive and customizable ERP platform and integrated several additional high-value applications. Dogswell now has a system that can grow with the company and provide reliable data and increased insight into financial information and inventory.  

Other benefits of RSM’s service to Dogswell include:

  • Greater support for multiple facilities
  • Automated ordering processes with instant inventory updates
  • Enhanced expense, payroll and human resources modules
  • Better inventory control and cash management
  • More flexibility to integrate additional modules as necessary

They said it

“The RSM team has been great. They have been pleasant to work with, they are patient and they understood our unique needs. They do things right and that’s probably why they are the No. 1 partner for NetSuite implementations.” –Tim McElroy, Chief Financial Officer, Dogswell

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