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Setting up advanced multi-location inventory

NetSuite inventory management offers a multi-location inventory feature to support location tracking and OneWorld. This feature is integrated with UPS® & FedEx® for ease of shipment and provides flexible pick, pack and ship process workflows. It also provides an efficient returns management facility, support for warranties and repair functions.

Here are the simple steps to setup Advanced Multi-Location Inventory:

  • Navigate to Setup > Company > Setup Tasks > Enable Features.
  • On the Company subtab > Check the Locations box.

  • On the Items & Inventory subtab > Check the Inventory box and the Multi-Location Inventory box.
  • On the Transactions subtab > Check the Advanced Shipping box and the Advanced Receiving box.
  • Click Save.


When the Advanced Multi-Location Inventory feature is enabled with the Shipping Label Integration feature, users can set up different UPS® & FedEx® accounts for each location. As a result, the multi-location feature can generate real-time rates and correct labels for each warehouse. When the order is created users can designate the location it will be fulfilled.
The feature also provides advanced tools for accurate, cost-effective inventory management across multiple sites driving higher quality customer service levels for customers.

Here are some other key features for Advance Multi-Location Inventory capabilities:

  • Bin Management
  • Demand-based Inventory Replenishment
  • Accurate Order Promising & Inventory Commitment
  • Order Management with Advanced Shipping
  • Integrated UPS® & FedEx® with Tracking
  • Returns Management in One System

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