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How to add a saved search as a sublist to customer form

NetSuite allows for custom sublists based on saved searches to be added to various forms.  This can be done for Transaction, Entity, Item and CRM forms. This example pertains to adding a custom sublist to the customer form.

  1. In this case, a custom list for Tasks needs to be added is to the Customer form on a Custom tab called Events. The first step is to create a Saved Search that is based on the Task table.
  2. The saved search can contain any fields desired. The only requirement for it to be available to be used as a Custom Sublist, is that there has to be an Available Filter using an Internal ID. This is to allow the record it appears on to filter for just the items that match its internal ID.  In this case, it’s Customer Internal ID.
  3. Once the saved search has been created, navigate to Customization Forms Sublists to create a custom Sublist for this saved search.
  4. Select the Entity subtab to add a sublist to the Customer form.
  5. Select the Saved Search in the Search dropdown. Note: If there is no Internal ID used on the Available Filter tab of the saved search, it won’t show up as an option when creating the Sublist.
  6. Choose the Tab it should appear on and select the Customer Entity type.
  7. Save the record and then it should appear on the Customer form on the Tab selected. The saved search can be edited as needed to add or remove columns to display on this sublist.

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