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Filtering transaction item lookups for sales orders

When creating a transaction in NetSuite, such as a Sales Order, it can be very helpful to filter the items that are returned in an Item Lookup. The forms may focus on product types or by business line such as B2C or B2B. One challenge that often comes up is filtering the items that can be added to the sale orders. You can do this by building a saved search and referencing that saved search on one or more specific forms.

Here are the steps you can follow to associate a transaction form with a custom item saved search.

  1. Create an item saved search that returns the subset of items you want available on a specific sales order form.
  2. Next, go to Customization > Forms > Transaction Forms. If you already have a customized form you want to edit, then you can find the related standard form in the list, and click Customize to create your own custom version.
  3. Click on the Screen Fields subtab, and find the Columns subtab to select.
  4. After you have found the Columns subtab, select the Item Filter drop field to choose the saved search that you created in Step 1. Save the Form.

Result: A user may enter new sales orders using the customized forms from the list of items that have been added to the transaction, and are filtered based on the saved search.

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