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2018.1 NetSuite email changes

Why are my NetSuite emails coming from system@netsuite.com?

Starting 2018.1, two fields related to DMARC compliance have been removed from the Domain Keys subtab of the Email Preferences page. The two fields are Compose DMARC-compliant Email Messages Using SPF and Forward Email Replies in DMARC-compliant Format.

These fields are no longer necessary due to the capability, introduced in 2017.2, to configure multiple DKIM (DomainKeys Identified Mail) keys with different domain selectors. The configuration of multiple DKIM keys ensures that the proper domain keys are signed on all email sent from NetSuite. The signing of proper domain keys to each email message ensures compliance with DMARC in relaxed alignment mode and maintains full email bounce processing.

If you do not set up domain keys in NetSuite, or if you are using a free email domain on email sent from NetSuite, the email’s From header is rewritten with system@netsuite.com. The original email address is moved to the display string. The SMTP-related email address in the From header refers to netsuite.com. For example, if domain keys have not been set up in NetSuite, the email’s FROM header would be andrew.main@mydomain.com <system@netsuite.com>.

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