PROTECT Methodology

RSM designed its exclusive PROTECT methodology to ensure that your company’s technology infrastructure delivers the response, support and performance you expect from applications, today and in the future. Our shared goal is to validate and implement that your system is secure and reliable, using the most efficient and effective methods available.

Working with your in-house technology team to define needs, we collaborate to find optimal solutions and develop plans for deployment. After testing and installation in production (by RSM or your own resources), a review and confirmation process assures that system infrastructure meets your expectations.

The PROTECT methodology includes seven steps:


Start with a careful review of your business requirements, security needs and mapping of needs against a library of best practices, across multiple technologies. Together we create a full requirements and definition and general plan/outline.


Validating a plan involves using a “risk score” evaluation and a discussion of your organization’s technology needs. Identifying plan strengths and weaknesses includes meetings with your team to find the right path by exploring a range of inputs and impacts.


The design stage where your optimum solution is built on paper and costs, schedules and needs are determined. Additional considerations can affect budgets, timetables and capabilities, depending on industry and location. A customized set of solutions are presented to you and a final proposal is prepared based on this consultation.


Lab-based development and implemention of hardware, operating systems, databases, utilities, cloud options and software, programming, patching, updates and testing. A complete, ready-to-use solution is the end of this phase, still in a development environment, but not yet in production.


The completed infrastructure is moved to a production environment to begin live data use and daily activities. Performance levels and comparisons across multiple categories as workflows are pressure tested in this phase.


Final checks and verifications of an installed solution in production validates that all objectives are being met. Functionality, security, reliability and availability metrics are measured and reviewed.


Your IT staff gains the tools, knowledge and advice on operating and maintaining the new infrastructure. Executives and operating teams learn the key reports, diagnostics and performance metrics that monitor the ongoing health of your IT systems.

RSM can complete the Turn-Up and Enforcement steps as part of a “turn-key” implementation. Or, your teams can manage these steps and bring RSM back for testing and validation.

From start to finish, the PROTECT methodology delivers complete, fully functional, secure and reliable system infrastructure that is fine-tuned to your specific needs. Our goal is delivering the system support you need for achieving effective, enterprise-level operation of critical business applications.

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