PROTECT Methodology

The RSM exclusive PROTECT methodology is designed to ensure that your company’s technology infrastructure delivers the kind of response and support you expect from your applications, today and in the future. We implement in the most efficient and effective manner, and more importantly, validate that your system is secure and reliable. RSM will work with your in-house technology team to define the needs, structure a solution and build a plan to implement it. Once developed, tested and installed in production (by RSM or your own resources), we can complete the review and confirmation process to validate that your system infrastructure meets your expectations.

The PROTECT methodology includes the following seven steps:

Policy: A careful review of your business requirements, security needs and mapping of your needs against a library of best practices across multiple technologies results in a full requirements definition and general plan (outline).

Risk: Next, we validate the plan, using a “risk score” evaluation approach. Once the strengths and weakness of the plan are identified, we meet with your team to discuss the risks and potential approaches to find the right path.

Options: This is the design phase, where your optimum solution is built on paper and overall cost and schedule can be determined. In nearly all cases, there are additional considerations that can affect the overall cost, schedule and capabilities of the solution (higher or lower risks in certain areas). The options are presented and a final proposal is prepared, based on your choices.

Turn-up: This phase contains the brunt of the actual development and implementation, including: hardware, operating system, database, utilities and software, programming, patching, updating and testing in the lab to prepare the solution for installation. At the end of this phase, the solution is complete, tested and ready for use – but still exists only in the development area (not moved into production).

Enforcement: The complete solution is moved to the production environment and begins to process live data and activities.

Confirmation: Final testing and verification of the installed solution in the production environment validates that all expected functionality, security, reliability and availability objectives are being met.

Training: Your internal IT staff is trained to give them the tools to be self-sufficient in the maintenance, update and operation of the new infrastructure. Executives and operational personnel can be trained to read and understand system reports and diagnostics that monitor system health and performance.

The Turn-up and Enforcement steps can be completed by RSM as part of a “turnkey” implementation, or you can accomplish these two steps on your own and bring RSM back in for testing and validation if you so choose.

The PROTECT methodology delivers a complete, fully functional, secure and reliable system infrastructure that is selected and fine-tuned to deliver the system support you need for effective operation of your enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and other business applications.

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