Networks and devices that serve today’s needs and adapt to future strategic plans

People and data are always in motion. Ensure that your networking systems keep pace

Your organization relies on connections. Internal networks alone blend voice, text, data, video and collaboration tools. Legacy software and fax documents can complicate that mix. Complexity and other requirements only multiply when you add interactions with data storage, outside suppliers, stakeholders and clients who have specific needs and depend on network access and reliability.

It’s a balancing act to manage the need for network speeds, guaranteed operating uptime, secure data and communications across multiple data platforms. Convenience for one user group may impact another, while continuing to service daily demand and complying with regulatory standards. Newer doesn’t always mean better, without regularly monitoring for optimal performance.

On-site networks and off-site access should be seamless in a resilient organization. Even updated Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems can reach capacity quickly, so it makes sense to schedule an assessment of communications equipment and review workflows. Create your own scorecard of what matters most with a knowledgeable RSM team that brings industry experience to help you tackle the technology, management and budget challenges.

RSM’s technology professionals are prepared for every aspect of unified communications, including:

Team and Client Communications

  • VoIP and highest-quality call services
  • Business intelligence/real-time reporting
  • Reliable video and advanced collaboration
  • Contact centers and omni-channel (from basic to advanced)

Cross-Platform Interactions

  • Mobile and web applications
  • Customer self-service options
  • Integrated and searchable chat, social media, conferencing tools

Telecom Assessments

  • Carrier review and guidance
  • Network planning and needs analysis
  • Solution alignment and ongoing support

Cloud-based Data and Network Solutions

  • Hosted VoIP and contact center planning
  • Hybrid and alternative cloud platform solutions

Networks and technologies are evolving. Are systems holding back your people?

Each company and industry has unique needs. RSM brings deep experience with retail, financial, manufacturing and other businesses. From initial audit, to completed migration, they can help handle communications planning, whether you need a switchboard and videoconferencing or global Internet of Things data integration.

Single-number reach, multiplatform messaging and business intelligence are essential for convenience and effectiveness. Companies need to retrieve records and share them securely whether to an in-house contact center or a remote work site. Connect your data flows and workflows to the people who need information quickly and confidently. Unified communications gets more done, and simplifies telecom budgets while reducing the total cost of ownership.

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