Make your data center a strategic advantage

The relentless speed and volume of data is challenging every organization to keep pace. Even recent data center strategies need to be re-evaluated as newer, faster, cheaper, more flexible and better-secured storage options emerge. RSM sees strong reasons why some cloud data migrations are moving back to on-premises systems. Your business and, perhaps, your entire industry is changing. Daily workload demands continue to increase, impacting storage capacity and access, data replication and virtualization needs.

From new customer onboarding to secure backup of aging systems, RSM knows the specific demands of managing data flows and data centers. Data reliability and access times can make and break companies – even established, trusted, well-known corporations. Threats against data centers are accelerating, so you need well-protected assets with flexible systems that can handle growth, partnerships and remote access.

Build a solid, resilient data infrastructure

Ever-changing supply and demand for data center capacity is pushing the boundaries of budget, security and forecasting now that nearly anyone in an organization can use cloud apps, remote devices and off-site storage. Load balancing and performance evaluation is an ongoing process dictated by your company’s needs, whether that means new regulatory standards or seasonal ups and downs. How often are you checking the health of data center performance and security? What are your clients saying about their data access and usage?

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Core business applications – from staffing to storage – drive each organization’s workflow in unique ways and RSM has the breadth of experience to find the right balance. Data from ERP and management systems have different requirements from email servers that may be optimized for cloud data storage. RSM’s professionals have a global network and long relationships with service providers, vendors and deep industry knowledge to ensure the best of available options.

Strategic security

Evolving threats demand fast action and response. Malware and ransomware now target backup systems before attacking a visible, frontline, operational network, because attackers know that some organizations are unprepared to restore data and device assets. That’s a key reason for RSM’s Backup Integrity Assessment, to ensure operational readiness with the steps, skills and time needed for emergency recovery.

Edge computing with mobile workers in-motion is another test for IT teams as more data gets created farther away from home office systems. RSM gets to know your daily operations and understands the evolving needs. Our goal is to collaborate for the long-term, whether that is an emergency recovery plan or remote field force that lets people work from anywhere with the same data network experience as in the office.

Your Data, Your Choice

RSM brings knowledge, staffing and support that spans strategic planning to deployment to ongoing operations. As a managed services provider, RSM teams work alongside your team to monitor, update, patch and ensure uptime. Wherever your data is, we’re always here to help.