Microsoft Teams

Collaborate and communicate in one place. Teams brings it all together

Simplify and accelerate your daily workflows by eliminating the hassle of switching among different apps, programs, networks and directories. Microsoft Teams makes it easier than ever to find work-in-process documents, contacts and calendars at-a-glance and share secure data anywhere, anytime. On-the-fly meetings are more than talk when you get clients and remote teams in sync, not just on schedule. Empowering Teams with Office 365 integrates dozens of programs you already know and blends them into a single platform to bring together voice, chat, data, files, conferencing and even live public events.

RSM consultants understand your unique requirements along with industry best practices. Our experience with Teams can be the springboard for your staff to use existing software faster, and coordinate applications such as Power BI, Dynamics and analytics to make better decisions, with fresher data and more certainty.

Work together to work smarter while ensuring security and compliance standards at the person, team or organization level, enabling guest access and data sharing. Instead of trading emails and checking app compatibilities, your team joins on any device, anywhere while maintaining data fidelity. RSM people understand how the right collaboration tools make your employees more productive.

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Quickly bring your team together with group chat, online meetings, calling and web conferencing.


Work together on files with familiar Office 365 apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and SharePoint.


Tie in your favorite apps and third-party services to consolidate your projects and keep your business moving, together.

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See for yourself how easy it is to navigate and utilize teams in your business. 


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Teams is designed for groups of all kinds. Get Teams as part of the best-in-class suite of productivity tools with Office 365 Business Premium or Office 365 Enterprise E3.

Out of office? Good! You’re still up to date

Unique new features such as meeting recording and search captioning allow users to catch up without ‘borrowing someone else’s homework.’ Saved video or captioned audio files creates consistent on-demand resources and enables search so that each user can select specifically what is useful and relevant to them.

Inline translation means your global teams communicate across more than 40 languages, as text and email in a native language is seamlessly translated. Your team, clients, partners and suppliers each choose preferred languages and settings allow each person to see translated content on their screen. Add GIFs, stickers, reactions to personalize and emphasize messages, whether you’re using a computer, phone or tablet regardless of operating system.

Count on RSM to maximize your Microsoft and Office 365 investment by getting software, data and communications on the same page – no more closing tabs and delays while you log in to separate cloud systems. That data flow also can reduce organizational risk thanks to integrated data loss protection (DLP) and multi-factor authentication (MFA). That means your data privacy is ensured while increasing flexibility and accelerating decisions.


RSM is uniquely positioned to deliver Microsoft Teams with established Microsoft 365, Dynamics, SharePoint, Security and Compliance, Application Development, and Telephony practices. RSM takes this seasoned cross functional experience to every Microsoft Teams Deployment, an approach which assures our clients get the most out of the Microsoft Teams platform and the rest of your Microsoft Cloud investment. RSM consultants understand your unique requirements alongside industry practices while reducing organizational with integrated features such as  loss protection (DLP) and multi-factor authentication (MFA).