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How Microsoft solutions can increase your productivity and efficiency


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Middle-market companies face a constant battle to increase productivity and develop a competitive advantage. New technology solutions present an opportunity to enhance key business processes and generate greater revenue. Microsoft has developed several advanced innovations that enhance data security, communication and collaboration. In addition, emerging Microsoft solutions increase integration, helping organizations realize a higher level of efficiency.

Data loss prevention: Companies can implement extensive technology solutions to restrict external access to their environment, but that likely won’t keep internal employees from inadvertently leaking information. Microsoft Office 365TM scans sensitive data that organizations transmit and includes protective measures that can reduce the potential of sensitive information falling into the wrong hands.

In addition, Microsoft solutions can help organizations better understand where data and intellectual property resides. New capabilities within SharePoint and OneDrive for Business scan and manage information, while Azure Rights Management Solutions allow companies to tag corporate data within SharePoint or OneDrive. The software can restrict file access to certain locations, or track when and where documents are opened.   

Communication, collaboration and conferencing: Companies often have difficulty managing the multiple platforms employees use for various forms of communication. Many organizations utilize Microsoft’s Skype for Business for instant messaging, screen sharing, and video and audio conference over the internet, but Skype also now provides traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) calling as an add-on to the platform, creating a comprehensive suite that encompasses all of an organization’s communication needs.

Calls in Skype for Business no longer require an internet connection, and using conventional phone numbers increases call quality and reliability. The platform also includes call routing; for example, Skype can direct calls to employee cell phones if necessary.

Integration: Adopting Microsoft’s emerging technologies increase efficiency through enhanced integration and visibility. For example, Skype for Business integrates direct instant messaging within Microsoft Outlook, and Dynamics CRM and Office 365’s cloud deployment have significantly increased integration and efficiency. In addition, employees can use OneDrive for Business in conjunction with Word, Excel or Skype for Business to collaborate on a document or project from multiple geographic locations.

Organizations should periodically evaluate their technology solutions to determine where they could become more efficient and how Microsoft solutions can help.


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