Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS)

You switch from your laptop to your tablet to your phone seamlessly throughout the day, depending on what you’re doing and where you are. Your systems should switch with you. Your identity should follow you to whatever device you’re using and you want it to work without compromising your corporate policies. EMS provides you with a fully integrated, seamless, and effortless solution for enterprise-grade security, no matter the size of your organization.

Microsoft EMS includes:

  • Identity and access management
  • Single sign-on and conditional access policy control
  • Mobile device and application management
  • Data protection
  • Advanced threat detection

No other system comes close to being as comprehensive, integrated, and flexible as EMS, and, coupled with the expertise of RSM, no security implementation could be smoother and less stressful for your team and your user community.

Identity management relieves IT burdens

When you can successfully manage the identity of your employees, you can secure their access to applications, data, and services. You’ll be able to detect abnormal user behavior, suspicious activities, known malicious attacks and security issues quickly. You’ll also be able to implement policies for resource access, checking on things like the health of the device requesting access and even user location, before granting access to your corporate resources.

Provisioning users has never been easier. Implement single sign-on for cloud and on-premises web applications from any device.

Secure and manage SaaS applications

You’ve made investments in Active Directory, System Center, and other platforms to provision and control users, applications, and infrastructure. Unfortunately, some of your users have also invested in Software-as-a-Service (Saas) applications to address their individual needs. How do you know what they’ve done? How do you manage those applications if they leave?

EMS leverages the power of Azure to help you bring your users and their rogue applications under management. Extend your Active Directory to the cloud in a few keystrokes, and then discover all of the SaaS applications running across your network. Manage those applications securely with Enterprise mobility, and remove the threat of departed employees logging in to a SaaS application and sabotaging your system.

How RSM can help

EMS is a cloud service that works seamlessly with your on-premises resource investments. At RSM, we leverage our knowledge and experience to structure a solution that makes sense for your business and all of its unique qualities and requirements. The right partner can make it simple and seamless for your organization. Contact us at 800.274.3978 to learn how we can help you.






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