The Modern Workplace

From Digital Asset Management to protected, secure workspaces

Working together has never been easier, or more crucial. Integrating data, people and process on distributed teams unlocks your company’s true potential. It starts with a fluid, flexible platform to bring employees together with contractors, customers and suppliers. Is your workforce ready to capitalize on chat, secure file sharing, team conferencing on any device?

RSM brings enterprise-level security and productivity advice to this fast-moving field. Working together, we’ll focus on results and platforms that have the maximum impact. E-mail and phone conversations leave no knowledge behind. Improve workplace efficiency, where data and insights get shared quickly, providing multiple options for getting work done.

Manage data security with fine-grain controls over files, in use, at rest and in-transit. Be better prepared for evolving standards, such as Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), by knowing who has access to information and when files were last searched, opened, copied or used knowing who has had access to the information and whether or not it has left your environment.

Protect knowledge and data files with asset lifecycle protection, retention and archiving. Data classification can improve security by restricting files, tracking usage and reporting on activity. Active management can speed electronic discovery in legal research or provide metadata about who uses what data inside your organization. Tailor the optimal digital environment for frontline customer service, management, strategic data and, even, board-level reporting.

Content services and digital asset management (DAM) are two key collaboration elements. They accelerate productivity gains that come with cloud solutions, secure sharing and file storage libraries. With the right platforms, you can team with partners, suppliers, contractors and end-user service options that are available anywhere, anytime.

RSM is your trusted partner, with consultants who know your industry, understand your company, and can provide the tools and process expertise that support your mission. Prepare your organization for a social, mobile and dynamic workforce.

Workflows, Transparency and Technology

Sharing information – both inside and outside your organization – removes delays, enhances knowledge and increases productivity. Enhance your controls over critical files and data. Another benefit of collaboration tools is that your data is better protected against threats, from natural disasters or security incidents. Cloud-based applications, on-demand services and business continuity all work to keep your operations running smoothly.

Microsoft Office 365 comes ready to adapt to your workplace needs with SharePoint and Teams for collaborative work, Skype and Yammer for messaging. Make your internal communications searchable and strategic. RSM configures the tools to your need, whether that’s a single manufacturing facility or a dozen separate locations.

Integrate third-party social media or off-site platforms easily, ingesting the data to gain additional insights. Having the right infrastructure and social enterprise offers a higher level of resilience that distinguishes high performers.

When your people change jobs or tasks, workplace collaboration systems need to reflect those changes quickly. Enjoy more control AND flexibility, whether your hardware and software is on-premises or in the cloud.  Know for certain who touched which files and when, and know which teams are working smoothly with others – using data, not anecdotes.


Define your needs, decide on tools and deploy new systems. RSM supports every step, whether you are replacing and upgrading systems, or starting from scratch. Gain valuable new views of what your organization knows thanks to adaptable Office 365 cloud software subscriptions, virtual hosting and storage.

Training programs, for example, prepare your workforce technically and functionally for the next steps in collaboration, helping them keep pace with technology changes. RSM is a preferred Microsoft solution provider, delivering the highest levels of expertise and service. 

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