ERP Training Package

Because we understand the importance of training, we’ve developed a training package designed around your ERP implementation or upgrade. The RSM Technology Academy ERP Training Package is divided into three phases for ramp-up, readiness, and sustained learning.

Ramp up Phase
The first phase focuses on getting your project team and SME’s (Subject Matter Experts) up to speed on the product and getting them immersed in the technology and software right from the start. All projects start out with boot camp style training that is conducted either on your site or virtually. Typically the functional and financial trainings are conducted on your site, while the technical courses are conducted virtually. These courses are essential to the readiness of your project SMEs to help prepare them for the design and gap analysis phases of your project implementation. The timing of each course and the audience for each course will be coordinated with your project manager, the RSM Technology Academy training team, and the RSM project manager. 

The next phase in our approach for the training package focuses on readiness for your go live. The planning and coordination for these efforts should start long before you go live. Our training specialists will work with your team to identify each person, feature, and content type that will be required for implementation. This phase includes several deliverables including the following:

  • A learning plan for your employees that includes each person that must be trained, areas that each employee must be trained in, and a plan to meet those goals.
  • In order to meet your training goals set forth in the learning plans, you will need documentation and content to support each area. RSM Technology Academy can provide several levels of support in the documentation and content development lifecycle.
  • Typically before your first mock go-live, we will complete the majority of go-live training. Our team can support your go live training needs in one of two ways. Either by delivering all training to all end users, or by providing detailed train-the-trainer classes for selected individuals within your organization and providing onsite or remote support throughout the training phase.
  •  In addition to the core go-live training it is imperative that appropriate persons in your organization receive month-end training and perform a mock month-end and reconciliation process before the go live. Our trainers can also provide additional support during your first month-end.

During the sustained learning phase of the RSM Technology Academy ERP Training package we will focus on how to make your employees more efficient and provide training for advanced skills or features that are not implemented during the first phase of your project. We will also help you identify areas where additional training is needed from your first phase. In addition, a plan will be developed to help you onboard new employees so that when you have turnover, the training process does not need to be a daunting task.

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