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Maximizing your investment in technology requires an investment in your people, not just in your technology.

At RSM Technology Academy, we believe to truly be successful a company cannot just purchase an ERP, and just call it a day. Just like a train can’t run without its conductor, an ERP needs a committed and knowledgeable team in order to be effective.

Education is instrumental in taking ownership and creating more efficient people that contribute to increased productivity. At RSM Technology Academy, we understand that learning new technologies can be a daunting task. We have developed programs that provide customers a wide variety of standard and customized training to best suit your organization’s needs.

Each student we connect with will be empowered to take ownership of their technology investment. Our certified trainers will share their experience and expertise with students giving them the confidence and skills required to be successful. We offer a variety of training formats, with flexible scheduling options with the intention of helping you increase the expertise level of your people and maximize your technology investment.

ERP Training Package

Because we understand the complexities that come with an ERP implementation or upgrade, we’ve developed a training package designed around your specific scenario. The RSM Technology Academy ERP training package is divided into three phases for ramp-up, readiness, and sustained learning.

We also understand that each of our clients have unique needs. That is why we offer our training packages as ala carte, customized or packaged options. Below is a listing of each of the specific individual offerings.

Choose a Training Service the Fits Your Business

This training format allows users to take a course online at their own pace. Each eLearning is created by one of our certified instructors and includes multiple learning tools such as quizzes, walk-throughs, and hands on experiences. With no travel necessary and the convenience of completing training on your schedule, this method is the most cost effective for any number of participants and allows an unlimited amount of participants. RSM Technology Academy has a growing library of courses that are available for purchase or on a subscription basis.

On-site training
Our on-site training format brings one of our certified trainers to your site. This is one of our most highly sought after options because of the industry expertise and product knowledge that each of our trainers provides. With this format we can easily customize the training to perfectly fit your organization’s needs and size.

Live training
Similar to on-site training this training format allows you to come to one of our facilities located throughout the country. We recommend live training in cases where you only require a few of your employees to be trained.

Virtual training
Through the use of our virtual platform, we’re able to offer you the ability to attend a training session from anywhere you have internet connectivity. From the comfort of your own home or office you still receive the industry expertise and product knowledge of our certified trainers. Since there's no travel involved, this option is very cost-effective.

Learning plan development
Our experienced trainers and instructional design team will work closely with you to execute our five step learning strategy. This learning strategy is a constant evolutionary process and will evolve as your business progresses. Because each plan will differ from company to company we ask that you contact us to get started with your learning plan development.

1. We will start by identifying your learning goals.

2. After that we will create learning domains to determine the type of skills necessary to reach your immediate goals.

3. Next we will categorize learning methods to determine the best format for your needs.

4. Then we will develop learning solutions based on the first three steps of the strategy.

5. Finally we will evaluate the success of the learning plan and determine how to proceed.

Custom content development
Documentation is a very important necessity in any implementation. The sooner you can take ownership of your documentation and testing processes, the sooner you can take ownership of your software investment. However, we realize that you may not be able to dedicate the amount or right resources to these tedious tasks to get the most out of your documentation. It is important to remember during your learning plan development that your employees have a variety of learning styles and therefore you need to develop a variety of “teaching” styles through a variety of documentation and content styles.

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